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July 13, 2023

To Whom it May Concern,


I'm writing in support of Stew Jones to serve as a member of the DD Council.
As a member of the OhioISP team, I have had the opportunity to get to know Stew through a variety of projects and if I had to describe Stew in two words, they would be “go getter!” Stew is someone who speaks up for what he wants and strives to be a strong advocate not just for himself, but for others with disabilities.
Stew is passionate about helping others and being a voice for people with disabilities across the state. An example of this was when Stew testified at the State House regarding the DSP crisis and the need to increase wages. Stew is also a published author, who uses his poetry as a platform to increase awareness for those with disabilities.

Stew is great at connecting with people and building relationships. Recently he used his relationship building skills to network with the OhioISP team at a series of conferences. Stew felt he could be of assistance to our team and worked with us to find an opportunity to help. This month, he will be partnering with us at a statewide meeting to share his feedback on Person Centered Planning and on the OhioISP as a person with lived experience.

Stew is also a problem solver. He is an extremely determined individual, who will continue to chip away at a problem from multiple angles, until he gets resolution. Stew has many gifts and loves to use his talents to help improve the lives of others with disabilities. I believe that with the skills he possesses, Stew would be of great value as a member of the DD Council!




Robyn D. Norman
Regional Support Facilitator
OhioISP Teamsy.


July 13, 2023

Re: Letter of Support for Mr. Stewart Jones


To Whom It May Concern:


Mr. Stewart Jones has asked that I write a letter of recommendation on his behalf as he makes application for membership on the Ohio Disabilities Council. I am pleased and honored to do this. I've known Stewart for several years, as he has served on our Heartland Conference’s Mental Health and Disabilities Network. The Heartland
Conference of the United Church of Christ includes 323 congregations covering all of Ohio with a membership of nearly 80,000 persons.


The Mental Health and Disability Network gathers folks from across our Conference for inspiration, connection, equipping, and support around issues that are of vital concern to our membership and the wider world. Stewart serves as a key leader in the core group for this network that is seeking to empower congregations to become wise, inclusive, supportive, and engaged around the work of mental health and disability ministry.
Stew brings the deep perspective that arises out of his own experience as one who had a traumatic brain injury a number of years ago. He has been a tireless advocate for persons with disabilities providing testimony at the Ohio State House and in other settings where policy formation has been envisioned.


Stew brings not only passion but deep Insight. He would be a valuable asset in the work of the Ohio Disabilities Council. I highly recommend him for your consideration for one of the openings that now exists on the council. Should you have further questions of me regarding Stew, I would be glad to respond to those. Please feel free to email me at


Thanks in advance for your consideration Stewart.




Rev. Dr. David Long-Higgins
Conference Minister
Heartland Conference
United Church of Christ

July 11, 2023

Mike DeWine Governor of Ohio
77 S High St,
30th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Stewart Jones who is applying to serve on the Ohio Disabilities Council. I have come to know Stewart over the years during my tenure in the Senate. He is very involved in the community and is a hard worker. Stewart would be an asset to the council and would add significant insight. I am proud to recommend Stewart and ask for your full and fair consideration of his application. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact my office.


Mark Romanchuk
State Senator
22nd State Senate District

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Stew Jones has been a friend of myself and my husband for several years, he is part of our church family where we met him and learned of his TBI (TRAMATIC BRAIN INJURY) as a child.  Stew is very motivated and always strives to educate himself and others. He has started doing motivational speaking through the group Dreambuilding82.  So he can help guide others with TBIs achieve the most out of life while keeping a positive attitude, he has an amazing sense of humor.  Stew is an achiever and we would highly recommend you check him out as we think it will be very beneficial and educational for everyone who may have questions. 

 Jerry and Laverne McGuire

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