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Don’t let your past define your future. Pave the path toward a purposeful and fulfilling life!

From Surviving to Thriving: A Glimpse Into My Journey

Your trauma or disability shouldn’t hold you back from pursuing the life you want. Push past your limits and rediscover your strength with inspirational books from S. Jones-Marshall. Browse these publications and connect with us to inquire about speaking engagements, mentorship opportunities, and more.


This book is to teach that by harnessing your inner strength, it may assist you in living as normal a life as possible.  Also, it may help you that a disability is only a bump in the road of life and not the end of it.

Opening yourself to the messages within this book, you may understand that a person's abilities are not always apparent.  It's with this knowledge, that I've learned how to help people.  Knowing what society may say your disability is, will only be if you allow it to consume your being.

Book can be purchased, through

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